Jonathan Lewis
Composer • Producer • Musician

Composer of music for film and theatre. Live musician, performing in many styles from jazz to classical, world to rock; violin, electric violin, viola, and more.

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• music composition and production for theatre, film, radio, television, and other projects
*hear examples of my compositions in the music player below

• live performance on violin, electric violin, viola, mandolin, greek baglama, and accordion

• jazz, rock, classical, Greek, klezmer, and more

• music arrangement and transcription

Live Performance Projects:

Lewis & Limacher - piano & violin duo playing classical/jazz/pop/world
Bel Canto Strings - string quartet
The Plaid Tongued Devils - gypsy rock - watch it live in the Netherlands
The Rembetika Hipsters - greek music - watch it live in Penticton, BC
The Fedora Club - gypsy jazz - watch us playing the jazz classic Caravan

See also my Youtube channel with experiments in greek music