Jonathan Lewis Musician & Composer


I first found my creative voice composing incidental music, and creating sound designs, for theatre. While I continue to compose for the theatre, I've also branched off into composition for film, television, circus, and other commercial ventures. I have also written and recorded many pieces for my own musical ensembles.


Like so many other classical string players, my first notes on a violin were from Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Some decades later, I still find great joy in playing and performing classical music, from baroque to contemporary. I also have a strong interest in music from around the world. In particular, I have studied jazz, various forms of traditional greek music, flamenco, and klezmer.

When I began with music, I was also studying piano, and while my piano training is invaluable, I really found my calling with violin and viola. They have allowed me opportunities to work in many styles of music, ranging from jazz to classical, Greek to klezmer, country, folk, roots, Western swing, honky-tonk, rock, and more.

I love to travel, and I have been fortunate to have music to take me to many places, and to share music with many friends around the world. In addition to touring and performing, my studies have led me far; from the flamenco tablaos of Madrid, to Mexico City, to remote mountain villages in northwestern Greece, and beyond.

Live Music Projects

In the classical world, I often work as a freelancer, playing violin and viola in orchestras and chamber music ensembles. I am also privileged to play frequently in the bands/orchestras of musical theatre productions.

These are some of my long-term projects:
12 Musas Flamenco - flamenco, with my partner Anastassiia La Musa
The Rembetika Hipsters - greek rembetika, plus other styles such as island music and Epirotika
Notas de 4 - music-oriented flamenco fusion
The Plaid Tongued Devils - rock, with an Eastern European flair
Lewis & Limacher - piano + violin duo, playing jazz, classical, and world music
The Fedora Club - jazz manouche
Urano Katevata - Greek music, in Mexico City!